What some of our clients have said...

“Before I was introduced to PROTRADE United I knew about my industry but very little about business. I wanted to grow and move forward, yet had been stagnant for some time and had an unbalanced approach, hoping the next big job was going to be the breakthrough. I realised that this was unstainable.

If you are thinking about working with PROTRADE United, I would say…if you are prepared to put in the time, and want to develop successful business, then it’s a ‘no brainer’. They will give you the structure and processes to help make it happen.”

Glen Fludder  - Stilus Designs

"If you are a tradesperson who has found themselves now a business owner and maybe an employer, I would highly recommend you undertake training at PROTRADE united. You will learn the essential, steps, systems and processes in a practical way, as well as methods used by many other successful trade based companies.

You will end up looking at your business in a way you would have never thought possible, and free yourself up so that you can contribute to the business in a much more beneficial way for you and your family. 

 Thank you PROTRADE United for changing the way I think and work."

Jon Tucker – Jon Tucker Constructions